Electric vehicle charging points

electric vehicle charging Great news for electric car fans yesterday as we gave the go-ahead for a network of charging points to be installed across the City – the first council outside of London to do this.

We will be installing four charging points over the coming weeks – two each in Bartholomews, central Brighton and Ditchling Road, near the Level – with more following by the end of the year.

This is very much the beginning of a big push we are going to have on encouraging the use of electric vehicles in Brighton & Hove which will hopefully eventually make a big contribution towards our goal of achieving a low carbon city. This technology is an excellent way of combining sustainable transport whilst retaining people’s freedom to drive cars. They are also very cheap for people to run and cost prices are starting to come down.

One criticism which is often levelled at electric vehicles is that they are not carbon neutral because of the electricity which is generated in order to power them. However overall, emissions are still much lower than for normal cars (they are carbon-neutral at the point of use) and it also improves local air quality because there are no exhaust fumes. And also, the scheme we are introducing uses electricity which is generated from renewable sources (this is stipulated in our contracts), so the overall result is much lower carbon emission.

I am also pleased that the company who are doing this for us – Electromotive – are a local Sussex company based at the Sussex Innovation Centre so this all fits in very well with our Be Local Buy Local campaign.

Boris Johnson has led the way in London by establishing an Electric Vehicle Partnership to try to bring about a dramatic increase in electric car ownership and use in the capital. There is no reason why we shouldn’t work towards a similar revolution here in Brighton & Hove.

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