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Brighton & Hove’s tenants deserve better from Labour

council houseI was very disappointed at the reaction that I got from Government minister, John Denham, to my plea for him to use the stage of the Labour Party conference to give the go ahead to our plans to put more investment into the city’s council housing.

His somewhat odd response was to accuse me of campaigning for a Tory Government in Westminster which would slash his department’s budget.

Mr Denham is quite correct that I am campaigning for a Tory Government – why wouldn’t I be, as Leader of a Conservative run Council?! I also think that a Conservative Government would not block our housing proposals as this one is doing. One of David Cameron’s pledges is to introduce a ‘general power of competence’ for Council’s – which basically means that they will be able to do anything for the benefit of residents as long as it doesn’t break the law. I think that it is high time that councils were set free from the Whitehall shackles and this will go a long way towards achieving that aim.

Brighton & Hove’s tenants have made it absolutely clear that they want to retain the Council as their landlord and for us to invest in improving their homes accordingly. The Government should not be standing in their way by blocking our plans for delivering this investment.

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