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Academy schools can make a real difference in Brighton & Hove

It was really encouraging to see the report out on Friday from the National Audit Office which concluded that Academy schools have achieved greater rates of academic improvement than their predecessor schools.

In Brighton & Hove, we have just opened a new Academy school at Falmer with Rod Aldridge of the Aldridge Foundation and are extremely hopeful that this will have a similar impact. By their own admission, GCSE results at Falmer this year were disappointing and have been well below average for some time now. We owe it to the children in this part of the City to turn this situation around. The new Academy building is still being constructed and will open fully in September 2011, but phase one is now complete and the Academy officially opened last week. This is a really exciting development and represents upwards of £25 million of investment in a new state-of-the-art educational establishment.

We also remain very hopeful of being able to turn Portslade Community College into an Academy. We should know more after the Government has completed its Comprehensive Spending Review in October but the noises we have been hearing so far are encouraging.

Finally, a word to the Green Party, who remain dogmatically opposed to the Academy and ‘free school’ programmes. Take a look at the evidence of improvement, take a look at the investment that this is bringing into our City. It is shameful that you are actively working and campaigning to try and deny the opportunities that this will bring to some of the most disadvantaged children in our City.

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