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EU budget proposals are crazy!

Today is the first day of the latest EU summit in Brussels and I was staggered to read that the European Parliament had last week voted for a 6% increase in the EU budget for next year, as recommended by the entirely unelected European Commission.

What planet are these people living on?! Whilst countries right across Europe are having to make incredibly tough decisions about how to reign in public spending in order to redress growing budget deficits, the EU seems to be completely oblivious.

If approved the EU’s total budget for 2011 would be a whopping Euro 130 billion with the British contribution rising to over £10 billion over the next 4 years. To put this in context, this is more than the Government currently spends funding the Police nationally.

To rub salt into the wounds, five new unelected European quangos are being set up at a cost of £33 million this year, just at the same time as the UK Government is abolishing 192 as part of their efforts to save money and increase accountability.

Conservative MEPs in the debate proposed an amendment calling on the EU to freeze its budget at 2010 levels but sadly this was voted down (including by 10 of the 13 Labour MEPs).

And who was prominent in their support of this 6% increase to the EU budget? Yes, you’ve guessed it, the Green Party and their new MEP, ex-Brighton councillor Keith Taylor!

Of course, the Greens have form here. At the Brighton & Hove City Council meeting (Conservative notice of motion on public sector debt) last week they argued that cutbacks in public spending are entirely unnecessary because the UK debt problem isn’t that serious! They obviously know something that the IMF, the World Bank, the OECD and the Governor of the Bank of England don’t!

I do hope that David Cameron is able to get the EU to back down over their inflated budget demands. At a time like this when the UK is having to make multi-billion pound budget savings in order to pay down the massive debt which has built up over the last 10 years, it is unacceptable that our contribution to the EU should go up by one single penny.

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